Nick Pasqua

Nicholas Pasqua is what you would consider a modern barber. What is a modern Barber you ask? To understand you must know his story. Along with his barbering and cosmetology license he also has nearly 10 years of experience.

Nick started in New Jersey. Working at a standard barbershop, he learned traditional barbering techniques that suited well tailored haircuts for the average business man. From there he followed his passion west where he worked at Dean Anthony of Long Beach for 5 years. It was there that his true artistic ability was honed. Dean Anthony was a high end male salon with a clientele who’s demands were intense. This experience allowed him to truly master his technical scissoring and texturing skills, setting him apart from the average barber. During this time Nick was also working at the Downtown Barbershop in San Clemente, where structured military fades were the norm. This is another niche specific area that requires mastery in clipper cutting, a skill not normally possessed by the average stylist.

Along with a thirst for perfection and the versatility in range of skills, there really is not a men’s haircut Nick can’t do. More important than what he can do, it is what he cares about. Professionalism is not only what Nick strives for, but also what he enjoys witnessing from others in pursuit of their passions. Seeing people happy and being inspired by their stories of life is what draws Nick to this profession. When getting out of his chair, he hopes you are just as inspired as him about life. Building a sense of community is always in the back of his mind and with that, Nick welcomes you to Phlaire.

To schedule an apt with Nick call 714.472.1921.