Phyllis is the owner and proprietor of Phlaire. Phlaire was her vision and it shows in every aspect of its laid back atmosphere and professional quality.

Phyllis has a long track record in the industry. She has been a stylist for over 20 years, and knows that through all the experience, Phlaire is where she feels most at home. She has worked with some of the most prestigious teams in the industry, including a memorable time working under Paul Mitchell’s wing. She has had an award winning career, proving that her skill and vision is unmatched.

The experience of her years is evident in every haircut. She is just as skilled at men’s cuts, as she is women’s, and she excels at women’s color. She is ever the perfectionist, a quality that has shined through her decades of working under many diverse teams and salons. She uses only the highest quality product lines in the business, and she works hard to ensure everyone that sits in her chair is treated to a taste of her perfectionism.

After decades of working for other people, it was time for Phyllis to fulfill her vision. Phlaire is a laid back place where men and women alike can chill, and still feel good about the service and friendliness of their local stylist or barber. Every nook and cranny is filled with Phyllis’ vision and attitude. It’s no wonder why it is such a great place to visit.